Stories on the continent are abundant and over the years, perceptions of Africa’s creative film and television industry have changed. There’s now an even hungrier market for films made in Africa and about the continent. In order to remain global players, the industry needs to be active participants in setting the agenda. It is with this mind that the 2024 content sessions have been curated around the theme ‘Taking Back The Narrative’. Recognising the immense talent Africa has to offer and celebrating creatives from across the continent and the globe, these sessions will inspire your business and focus innovation, creativity, and purpose.  

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Financing Forum: 
Funding Africa's Creativity

Date:  Tuesday, 3 September 2024
Time:  11h00-13h00
Venue: MIP Africa Theatre 1, Showfloor

The MIP Africa Financing Forum is dedicated to addressing the critical need for funding and investment within the African film and TV industries. This two-hour forum serves as a vital nexus for filmmakers, producers, content creators, investors, financial institutions, and policymakers. Through expert-led panel discussions, practical workshops, strategic networking opportunities, and policy dialogues, the forum will delve into current trends, challenges, and opportunities in financing creative ventures. Attendees will gain invaluable insights into successful business models, investment strategies, and the economic impact of the creative industries across the continent.

Screenwriters Masterclass:
Crafting Authentic Narratives

Date:  Tuesday, 3 September 2024
Time: 14h30-16h30
Venue: Brain Box, Showfloor 

The MIP Africa Screenwriters Masterclass is where aspiring and experienced screenwriters, film and TV writers, script editors, producers, directors, film students, and educators come together to explore the future of African storytelling. This two-hour forum, featuring renowned screenwriters, industry experts, and successful producers, will delve into current trends, challenges, and opportunities in African film and television. Don't miss this chance to enhance your storytelling skills, gain practical tips, and network with industry professionals. Empower yourself to tell your stories authentically and compellingly at the MIP Africa Screenwriters Masterclass.