Discover the best of independent African cinema at the FAME Short Film Festival. Featuring thought-provoking films that showcase the most innovative and creative independent filmmakers from across the continent, this festival is not to be missed. 

The 2024 programme will be launched mid-July

The FAME Shorts Film Festival celebrates the diverse narratives of Africa and its diaspora through films that delve into themes like cultural heritage, modern life, diasporic identity, historical events, and pressing social-political issues. It showcases personal stories, biographies, artistic creativity, and tales of innovation, highlighting the intersectionality within African societies. The festival is a platform for films that address environmental concerns and the evolving relationship between Africans and their land, offering a window into the continent's multifaceted experiences and perspectives in a rich tapestry of storytelling. The festival stands as a beacon for independent cinema, focusing on uncovering and nurturing the finest independent filmmakers from Africa and its diaspora.

Together with MIP Africa, FAME Shorts Film Festival has a wide variety of events for filmmakers to participate in. From 2 to 4 September 2024, the Cape Town International Convention Centre will come alive with content sessions, workshops and masterclasses presented by industry professionals with the purpose of educating and inspiring professionals within the film and television industry.



The FAME Shorts Film Festival, held at The Labia Theatre from 7 to 9 September 2023, stood as an extraordinary celebration of authentic African storytelling. It provided attendees with an immersive journey through narratives that eloquently portrayed the continent’s cultural diversity, rich experiences, and distinctive voices.

The festival featured 32 exceptional short films. Each film served as a testament to the intricate tapestry of African and African Diaspora storytelling, injecting fresh vitality into the cinematic realm with innovative artistry and distinctive perspectives.

More than a mere event, the festival served as a potent platform for amplifying diverse viewpoints, nurturing creativity, and fostering connections within the dynamic creative community. It marked the genesis of a tradition poised to illuminate the brilliance of African filmmaking for generations to come. The enduring impact of these films resonates far and wide, affirming the transcendent power of storytelling.

The FAME Shorts Film Festival resoundingly succeeded, leaving an indelible mark on the cinematic landscape and reaffirming the significance of authentic African storytelling.


  • LONGING AND BELONGING A collection of short films intimately probe ‘Longing and Belonging,’ unravelling human yearnings and self-discovery. Characters navigating identity, isolation and home, evoking personal reflection and skilfully juxtaposing longing’s ache and and belonging’s solace.
  • LOST IN PLACES: Imagine a leaf torn from its branch before landing on foreign soil. Experience a journey of displacement, where our protagonist navigate along uncharted pathways, each step a tentative exploration of new landscapes, new faces, and new truths. 
  • INDUSTRIAL DREAMS: Embark on a journey through ‘Industrial Dreams,’ where labour, climate, and Earth’s balance are weaved together in cinematic threads.