Submissions closed: 28 July 2024 

Projects announced: 03 August 2024

Dossier is made available: 06 August 2024

Pitching: 2 – 4 September 2024 

As MIP Africa, we're dedicated to fostering creativity and innovation across the continent's media and entertainment industry. Our pitch sessions are curated to provide a platform where aspiring creators and industry professionals can come together to showcase their talent, share their vision, and explore exciting opportunities for collaboration and growth.

Through our pitch sessions, we aim to nurture talent, spark creativity, and drive the growth of the African media and entertainment industry, showcasing the incredible potential of African storytelling and innovation to the world.

The Project Pitch session at MIP Africa provides a platform for creators and innovators across various industries to showcase their groundbreaking ideas and projects. Whether it's a social initiative, or a creative endeavor, this session offers participants the opportunity to pitch their projects to a panel of industry experts and potential investors. It's a chance to attract support, gain valuable feedback, and potentially secure partnerships that can propel their projects to new heights.

In the Book to Screen pitching session, storytellers and authors with compelling literary works have the opportunity to pitch their stories for adaptation into film or television. This session bridges the gap between literature and visual media, offering authors the chance to see their narratives brought to life on the screen. From novels to graphic novels, this session celebrates the power of storytelling and explores the potential for adaptation in the ever-evolving entertainment landscape.


The Animation Pitching Sessions at MIP Africa provide a dedicated platform for animators and content creators to showcase their animated projects.  Participants have the opportunity to pitch their concepts, characters, and visual styles to industry professionals looking for fresh and exciting animated content. It's a chance to spark collaborations, secure funding, and bring animated dreams to fruition on screens big and small.