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Founded in 2015, Nigerien designer Alia Bare’s eponymous label celebrates womanhood and the female form. Through her meticulous craftsmanship, attention to detail, and use of high-quality materials, the Dakar, Senegal-based Bare has earned a reputation for producing garments that are as comfortable and accessible as they are the stylish epitome of African luxury.


Amen by Brad&Abiah, founded in 2014 by Abiah Mahlase and Bradley Muttitt, is a Johannesburg-based unisex fashion brand known for bold, contemporary designs. Labeled "Material Masters" by Bona Magazine and "Fashion Royalty" by The Times, they specialize in bespoke statement pieces and limited-edition collections. Their design ethos merges traditional and new techniques, creating oversized garments with daring prints celebrating African heritage. Featured on CNN and awarded the PRIDE OF AFRICA's "Rising Stars," the duo has showcased at various African fashion weeks. Renowned for their creativity, they also lecture at prestigious fashion colleges in South Africa.


Afia Sakyi is a celebrated Ghanaian fashion designer and cultural ambassador, known for her label, APHIA SAKYI. Her vibrant, handcrafted garments merge African heritage with modern sophistication, telling stories of tradition and beauty. Afia’s designs have graced top runways, editorials, and red carpets, dressing celebrities and dignitaries. Featured in the Hollywood film "Coming 2 America," her work has cemented her status in global fashion. Afia champions sustainable fashion, cultural preservation, and women's empowerment, inspiring new generations of fashion enthusiasts. With her creative genius, she continues to redefine fashion and cultural expression.


Haus of Stone, founded by Danayi Madondo in 2018, is a Zimbabwean slow-fashion brand inspired by the fantastical. It creates understated, experiential apparel for the conscious, aspirational global wanderer. The brand narrates contemporary Zimbabwean stories infused with heritage and cultural nuances. Its three pillars are sustainable design practices, visual storytelling, and experimentation through handcrafted skills. Community and collaboration are at the heart of Haus of Stone, welcoming all lost wanderers to its unique fashion journey.


Imprint is an Afro-Futuristic Pan-African fashion brand celebrating African ancestors' stories through iconic prints and fabrics. Its ethos: "Leave a mark." Mzukisi Mbane, a Creative Entrepreneur with a Bachelor of Accounting Science, founded and directs Imprint ZA. Born in Cape Town, Mzukisi has showcased his brand in New York, Milan, Morocco, Lagos, and Ghana. Imprint has been featured in major publications like Vogue Italia, Vogue Portugal, and Harper's Bazaar Vietnam. His brand has dressed major South African and international celebrities, including Billy Porter, marking one of his many achievements.


Nyambo Masamara's journey is inspired by his "personal legend." Although fashion wasn't his initial path, growing up around colorful fabrics and prints eventually led him to embrace it. For Nyambo, fashion is about storytelling, emotion, and passion. Each garment he designs reconnects him with his past, embodying strength, hope, and the beauty of Africa. MASA MARA, his brand, captures the harmony between past and present, blending traditional tribal wear with urban activewear. This approach honors cultural heritage while introducing traditional values to today's generation, celebrating their innovation and creativity. 


Sober Design House, founded by Tshepo Mafokwane in 2006 after completing her B-tech in Fashion Design at TUT, embodies creative freedom. Tshepo established an in-house production plant with a skilled team to produce luxurious clothing for boutiques. Sober is a lifestyle accessories and travel brand that combines original craftsmanship with modern styling. The name "Sober" reflects Tshepo's desire to reclaim her true purpose as a designer, transitioning from corporate work to her own brand. Over 16 years, Sober has been retailed in over 16 South African boutiques and online, catering to the sophisticated, well-traveled woman.