Covering the African creative industry, the ART pillar showcases creativity, skill and talent. Throughout the three days various creative spotlights are held in and around the Host City of Cape Town to show the best Africa artists and performers to the public. FAME Week Africa helps creative entrepreneurs in Africa by providing business advice through its content programmes. The closing date for showcase submissions is 15 August 2021. The talent showcase in this sector focuses on outstanding African performance or creative work by an African artist, performer or composer.

The art category covers:

  • Visual (drawing, graphic design, photography, painting)
  • Performing (acting, choreography, music performance)
  • Literature (Script, poetry, short stories, speeches)
  • Music (song writing, composition)



To include:

    • Tell us your story
    • What are your major achievements in your field (in line with the category outline and criteria)?
    • What are your major achievements in life (in line with the category outline and criteria)?
    • What have you personally done to raise awareness in your field (in line with the category outline and criteria)?
    • The work being submitted – see category outline for submission format required
    • What was the submission?
    • Why was the submission created?
    • Who was the intended audience and what was their engagement? 
    • When was the submission performed/published
    • Where was the submission performed/published
    • Anything more you want to add/tell us about your submission  

Creatives are urged to send their submissions soonest and participate in Africa’s first-ever FAME Week Africa 2021, sharing their creativity with other African participants and stakeholders from around the world.


  • All talent submissions must have been created between January 2020 – July 2021 
  • Submissions are free of charge
  • Submission in any language will be welcomed, provided there is English subtitles
  • Creator | Producer | Artist | Entertainer - must hold citizenship or be a resident from an African country 
  • All submissions must focus and encompass Africa: from / In / About / Of Africa 
  • Closing date for submissions: 15 August 2021


Relevant format based on art category 

  • PDF 
  • JPG (300 DPI)
  • MP4 format, or via a social media link
  • MP3 format, or via a social media link


Based on the motivation and category outline and criteria, a panel of industry stakeholders will select the submissions that will be profiled during FAME Week Africa Reel Showcase.

Submissions are now closed.

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