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Join members of the international film & entertainment media at the leading global event for the Film, Arts, Media & Entertainment industry in the Africa. Source the best stories from exhibitors and visitors with attendees joining from across Africa. 

Get the latest news straight from FAME Week Africa’s exhibitors, onsight press events, and top industry leaders. Attendance at FAME Week Africa offers the opportunity to meet and network with visiting and exhibiting industry professionals and hear the latest industry insight and opinion from renowned experts. You will also gain year-round online access to our resources to help you stay informed. 

FWA Connect

In partnership with the Host City of Cape Town, RX Africa is raising the curtain with FWA Connect, a virtual hub starring the Pan-African market with a focus on Animation, Film, Arts, Media and Entertainment industries.

FWA Connect offers curated content, industry news and insights, and a place where experts on a variety of industry-related will host webinars for the world. It will also offer back-stage passes into the lives of the people who make up this vibrant creative industry.


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