Muziki Africa at FAME Week Africa and Paradise Sound System are calling all emerging African artists and bands to be part of the “SOUNDS OF MUZIKI” Compilation!

Artists and bands are required to submit their new music for an opportunity to release their latest single with Paradise Sound System



  1. Submissions are only open to African citizens who are unsigned Artists, producers and/or bands
  2. The genre of music should be accessible to a wide variety of audiences, this includes but is not limited to house, afro-pop, dance, electronic, urban, etc.
  3. Submissions will run from 4 July 2022 to 5 August 2022. Submissions shall close at 23:00 CAT on 5 August 2022. Any entries received thereafter will not be accepted.
  4. These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the Republic of South Africa.
  5. Copies of these terms and conditions are visible on the FAME Week Africa Website and will be made available to participants via email on request.
  6. By submitting the music, each submitter agrees to be bound by all the terms of the condition of the Sounds of MUZIKI compilation, including any other rules so developed or to be developed. Furthermore, the entrants agree to be bound by the Paradise Sound System Licence agreement and any other agreements as they appear on the FAME Week Africa website.
  7. The entrants understand and agree that in order to release the compilation, RX Africa, organiser of Muziki Africa at FAME Week Africa and Paradise Sound (“R.P”) must collect and use the personal information of the entrants. This is conducted under the terms of applicable privacy statements and privacy laws of the Republic of South Africa.
  8. By submitting your music, all entrants consent to the use of their personal data by R.P for the purposes of the administration of this project and any other purposes to which the entrant has consented.
  9. Submissions are open to entrants from the age of 16 and older. Entrants under the age of 18 must obtain written permission from their parents or guardians before submitting the application.
  10. Submission is free.
  11. The artist/band is limited to one submission.
  12. Persons who are either a director, member, partner, employee or agent of R.P, any consultant, agent, sponsor of R.P, as well as any family members of R.P employees and any other person who is controlled by R.P are not allowed to submit their music for the Sounds of MUZIKI Compilation.
  13. R.P shall not be responsible for entries that are submitted late, incomplete, incorrect, illegible, corrupted or that are damaged, delayed or not received due to technical problems howsoever arising.
  14. Entries via agents, third parties or submitted using multiple accounts are invalid and the entrant will be disqualified.
  15. The entrants unconditionally and irrevocably indemnify and hold harmless R.P and its successors, employees, officers, suppliers/service providers, contractors, agents, consultants, directors and shareholders against all and any losses, claims, proceedings, actions, damages (direct, indirect, consequential or of whatsoever nature), liability, demands, expenses, legal costs (on an attorney and own client basis), medical costs, injury or damage to property howsoever arising out of, including from willful misconduct or negligent acts or omissions on the part of any such person, based upon, or in connection with (directly or indirectly) the entrants’ participation in Sounds of MUZIKI compilation, to the maximum permitted by law.
  16. R.P shall not be responsible for any costs or expenses whatsoever which the entrant or any other person incurs during and/or for purposes of entry into the Sounds of MUZIKI compilation including the acceptance and/or use of a prize unless stated otherwise. Entry is however free.
  17. R.P reserves the right to cancel or alter any aspects of this compilation at any time and at its sole discretion without any liability whatsoever and howsoever arising.
  18. If an entrant contravenes these rules, the entrant may be disqualified from participating in Sounds of MUZIKI compilation at the sole discretion of R.P.
  19. Submissions containing racist, homophobic, transphobic, discriminatory in whatsoever nature and/or considered inappropriate by R.P. shall not be considered.
  20. R.P shall not return nor be required to destroy the material submitted by the entrants for their participation in the Sounds of MUZIKI compilation.
  21. The music submitted must be original and/or the entrant must be the copyright holder of the music. Where the entrant infringes on any third party’s intellectual property, the entry and entrant will be disqualified.


The entrant must: Submit at least one mastered song and/or audio in mp3 format on the submission page


The prize is as follows:

  1. The selected artists/bands will have the opportunity to be part of the Sounds of Muziki compilation. Paradise Sound System will help the selected artists/bands prepare releases and create assets needed to promote the music across various online platforms. To the value of industry-standard costs of releasing music including promotional costs.
  2. The selected artists/bands will receive access to an online coaching session from R.P on how to develop their careers as independent artists.
  3. Two of the selected artists/bands will be awarded a recording day in a studio in Cape Town. which will be decided by the panel of judges R.P based on criteria to be developed by R.P. R.P is not responsible to getting artists/bands to Cape Town.
  4. Prizes are not transferable, refundable or exchangeable for cash or otherwise.
  5. Prizes are subject to availability. R.P reserves the right (a) to substitute prizes of equivalent or greater value and (b) in exceptional circumstances to amend or foreclose the promotion/project, at its sole discretion and without notice. No correspondence will be entered into.
  6. The prizes shall be subject to additional terms and conditions that the selected participants must comply with.
  7. Income taxes relating to prizes, if any, are the sole responsibility of the selected participant.
  8. R.P will not be responsible for any damaged prize items after the signature of receipt and/or delivery.
  9. The shortlisted candidates shall be chosen by judge/s selected by R.P of which judges may be employees, agents and/or representatives of R.P.
  10. The selected participants to be awarded any prizes will be determined by way of a vote by a panel of judges following an adjudication process. R.P reserves the right to change the voting system at its sole discretion without notice to the entrants.
  11. The votes and/or the judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  12. The selected participants will be notified via email and/or telephone within 10 business days of the final outcome of the vote. The names of selected participants and any prize awarded to them will be published on the R.P website and on various social media platforms.
  13. The Selected participants must claim their prize within 10 business days of R.P sending notification. If the prize is unclaimed after this time, it will lapse and R.P reserves the right to offer the unclaimed prize to a substitute participant selected in accordance with these rules.
  14. The number of prize winners shall be a maximum of 8 artists/bands unless determined otherwise at the sole discretion of R.P.
  15. The selected participants shall be required to participate in publicity connected to the Sounds of Muziki compilation. The selected participants grant permission for the use of their names, likeness and photographs in any advertising and promotional materials for this project or as set out in the Release.

These terms and conditions are subject to change at R.P sole discretion without any communication.