FilmOne, Accelerate TV and Inkblot Productions partner to debut FilmOne Studios's original feature film Adire at FAME Week Africa.


DATE: Sunday, 3 September 2023
TIME: 18h30-22h30

Ticketed Event. 

Embarking on an exciting odyssey beyond the realm of co-productions, FilmOne Productions unveils "ADIRE," a radiant gem sparkling from their inaugural collection of original cinematic endeavors.

Synopsis: Meet Adire, a resolute ex-prostitute who flees her life under a pimp's shadow, seeking refuge in the serene embrace of a quaint Ibadan town. Here, against the backdrop of her lingerie-making venture, she stirs the embers of conflict with Folasade—a charismatic Deaconess and the preacher's wife of the town's sanctuary. Amidst these turbulent dynamics, Adire unexpectedly unearths bonds of friendship and love in the most unexpected corners, even as the echoes of her past persistently resound, tugging at the seams of her newfound existence.

  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
  • Duration: 2hr 05 mins
  • Format: DCP/MP4
  • Themes: Family, community, prejudice, faith, hope, love.

Unveiling a constellation of talent, "Adire" shines brightly with the brilliance of award-winning Kehinde Bankole as Adire and iconic actress Funlola Aofiyebi-Raimi as her formidable nemesis, Folasade. The star-studded cast includes A-list luminaries like Yvonne Jegede, Yemi Blaq, Femi Branch, Idowu ‘Iya Rainbow’ Philips, Ibrahim Chattah, Lizzy J, and emerging talents Ifeanyi Kalu, Kelechi Udegbe, Mike Afolarin, Dami “Goldfish” Ogunsi, Tomi Ojo, Layi Wasabi, Onyinye Odokoro.

Guided by the creative vision of renowned filmmaker Adeoluwa ‘Captain Degzy’ Owu and lensed by Director of Photography Emmanuel ‘Cinemmaofficial’ Igbekele Odihiri, the film is a production by the collaborative genius of Mimi Bartels and Barbara Babarinsa-Hassan.

Penned by the visionary Jack’enneth Opukeme, who also served as Creative Producer, the mind behind FilmOne Studios’ triumphant "Battle of Bukka Street," the movie's genesis stems from a desire to tell the story of unity, community, and the complexity of women's struggles. Jack’enneth shares, “I was happy and more than excited when the movie was greenlit.”

FilmOne Studios’ GM, Mimi Bartels, reflects on the studio's creative journey, sharing, “FilmOne as a studio, cast, and crew have worked assiduously to bring Adire to life, I predict she will be a household name.” This compelling narrative, rich in cultural resonance, seeks to engage audiences from all walks of life.

Director Adeoluwa ‘Captain Degzy’ Owu and Producer Barbara Babarinsa share their boundless enthusiasm, highlighting the profound impact of "Adire." Owu remarks, “Adire is truth and so much more!” while Babarinsa adds, “Adire embodies unconventional poetic dialogue which redefines the whole essence of storytelling.”

"Adire" marks a pivotal moment for FilmOne Studios, transitioning from co-productions to an original masterpiece. Co-founders Kene Okwuosa & Moses Babatope affirm the studio's commitment to excellence, stating, “Adire will resonate with the standards of excellent storytelling for a long time.”

As the curtain rises on "Adire," the stage is set for a tale that will captivate hearts and minds, weaving a tapestry of emotion, culture, and timeless artistry for a global audience.