A Vital Networking Event for the Film, TV and Music Industry


DATE: 5 September 2023
VENUE: The Cullinan

By Invite Only

This annual event, now in its second  year, provides a unique platform for industry executives to network, share insights and discuss emerging trends in the rapidly evolving media landscape.

The Creative Leaders' Lunch has become a cornerstone event for the industry, offering a rare opportunity for key decision-makers to connect and forge new relationships. Attendees come from all sectors of the media industry, including production, distribution, talent management, and marketing.

This year's event is generously sponsored by two industry giants, the BBC and Rapid Blue. The support of these companies is essential to the continued success of the Creative Leaders' Lunch. Their commitment to the industry is evident, and their sponsorship helps ensure that this important networking event continues to provide value to all attendees.

The importance of events like the Creative Leaders' Lunch cannot be overstated. In an industry where relationships are key, opportunities to connect and build new partnerships are vital. This year's event promises to be a fantastic opportunity for industry leaders to come together and share ideas, explore new opportunities, and strengthen existing relationships.