EAP X FWA Class of 2023

Amanda Botha 

Amanda Indiego Botha is a multi-faceted artist from Gugulethu, Cape Town. Indiego practices printmaking, graphic design, jewellery making and creative writing. They first showed interest in sketching in primary school influenced by their dad and brother. In 2020 they taught themselves the art of bead making which led them to start their company called Kwelinye Icala,it was then that Indiego found their calling in art was to tell African stories that serve as a reminder to one to reconnect and have a stronger relationship with their heritage and roots.

In 2021 they enrolled to the College of Cape Town for art and design. They first exhibited in 2021 at an Cape Town Arts Fair exhibition curated by Bianca Mgoza Baker, they have shown at Art B gallery and their work is currently showing at Umphakathi exhibition at 16 on Lerotholi. Botha has competed on the Lucky Star Colab show currently showing on Mzansi Magic.

Contact Number: 0683173958

IG: @indiego.botha

Amy-Jane Jonhson 

A revolutionary and modern take on the African woman. Johnson uses her personal experience as a fellow woman of colour to create powerful feminine portraits seeking to counter social stigmas and media stereotypes of African women. Amy Jane Johnson, born in 1997, is a self-taught visual artist from Cape Town, South Africa. She indulges in a variety of art mediums specialising in watercolour and oil portraiture.Art has been a lifelong passion of hers, one which she constantly tries to pursue.

Her monochromatized watercolour portraits are emblazoned with gold leaf to transform her iconic subject into contemporary royalty. 'A black woman's hair is her crown'- and She conveys this message effortlessly by depicting the majestic qualities of African features.

By maintaining elegance, sophistication, and liberation, she achieves her artistic goals. She hopes to continue her creative journey, recreating the inherent beauty that lies latent in every woman.

Contact Number: 0658587202

IG: @a.jane_art

Anam Nxelelwa 

Born and raised in the serene town of Tsolo in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, Anam Nxelewa's artistic journey began early. Currently calling Khayelitsha in Cape Town home, Nxelewa's life has been a tapestry woven with a passion for visual expression.

After completing high school, Nxelewa found his artistic sanctuary within the embrace of OPEN-Heart STUDIOS, an organization centered on visual art, nestled in Mfuleni. It was here that his creative spirit found its calling, honing in on a special focus: the resilient young hearts of South Africa, determined to rise above adversity.

With the stroke of his acrylic brush, Nxelewa translates his observations of the struggles faced by these young souls onto canvas. His art carries a message that resonates deep within us all – a call to recognize the potential within these children, the torchbearers of tomorrow, who deserve an environment that nurtures their growth.

Nxelewa's canvas is his stage for hope, painted with vibrant highlights against the backdrop of dark challenges. Through his work, he not only provokes contemplation but also kindles the spark of optimism for a brighter future for these young lives.

Contact Number: 0716179230

Anovuyo Mali 

Anovuyo Mali (Lapis) (b.1998) in the Eastern Cape, eQonce. Is a Visual Artist/ illustrator currently based in Cape Town. Her work is a reflection of her inner volition, sense of play and a medium for personal expression. Mali's artistic focus centers on portraiture and the female form, where she uses oil pastels with a masterful touch. Her creations burst forth with vibrant colors and bold lines, capturing the essence of her subjects Having recently completed the MMBA program at Bridges for Music Academy, her mural graced the AfrikaBurn Festival 2023. In recognition of her emerging talent, she was on Thami Mnyele top 100 in 2021 and Sasol New Signature top 100 in 2019 She holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts degree, majoring in Printmaking, at Nelson Mandela University.

Contact Number: 0720636473


Aphilile Matinise 

Aphilile Matinise (b.1999 March 25, Cape Town, South Africa) is a self-taught ballpoint pen artist based in Cape Town. He also studied 2 academic years in Fine Art Practise at Rhodes University’s school of Art. His work centres around gender-based and domestic violence, drawing attention to the struggles faced by many impacted by such violence. Through his artworks, he highlights the tension in our personal and political lives due to this tense and traumatic issue.

He creates bold cross and hatch lines and striking compositions to create powerful images that evoke a fierce emotional response. His artworks not only aim to inspire awareness but also to motivate those who suffer to take a stand and gain control of their lives. His work conveys his understanding of the universality of human suffering, compassion for the victims of violence, and an unflinching commitment to effecting social change.

Contact Number: 0640083816

IG: shaggykinglukers_art  

Ayabonga Makhador Ntshongwana 

Makhador Ayabonga Ntshongwana (b.1995 Umthatha, Eastern Cape) is a practicing visual artist and a muralist who is searching for an idea of a society without boundaries. He wants to mend boundaries between human nature and unite them. Having grown up in the Transkei village where he at least visit once a year, Ntshongwana digs deep into his experience of the transition between the rural and urban values.

He draws his inspiration from past experience and paints figures. His black and white figures are consciously seeking answers, so as it create a sense of realism. He seeks to question the core of our identity as humans. He investigate the nature of humanity where our differences can only be skin deep. He celebrates women and investigate the role of women in contemporary as he was raised by a single mother and believes every man has a mother.

"Above willingness and acceptance there is Love and Peace. I art with pure intentions on the inside to keep my soul alive" - Makhador Ntshongwana

Contact: 0640760656


Ayanda Lesego File

Ayanda Lesego File born 7 March 1999 is a Photographer, studied at the

College of Cape Town. Behind the lens , Ayanda Lesego known as Miss A , uses photography as a tool for expression and healing. Her photographs transport the viewer on a magical journey of endless possibilities. To her, photography represents more than just images displayed on a wall. They serve a greater purpose. Capturing the stories of generation to another, she believes that photography has the power to share untold stories and heal painful experiences while also igniting the remembrance of beautiful memories. Ayanda had her first exhibition in 2022 at the Sendinggesting Museum. Followed by her second exhibition 2023 at the Art b gallery.

Contact: 0817724398

IG: @miss.aphotography

Baxolile Lugwali

Baxolile Lugwali is a 21 years old who lives in Mandela park at a township in Khayelitsha .He grew up in a corrupt area witnessing crimes daily since at a young age. He loves music especifically the Hip Hop genre. He creates artworks based on lyrics of the songs he enjoys listening and sometimes paints spontaneously according to his emotions. He's a mixed media Artist and yet a dominant painter, he displays a theme of vulnerability, pain,love and wealth in his artworks. He creates scenery and figurative figures with intuition.

He was introduced to Art in High school at the children's art center. What got him interested in art was colors texture, stories and the meaning and he also strives to improve his skills and ideas for his creativity and love for art. He makes art to escape insecurities and turn that into security. He's received a visual art certificate in 2020 at Zonnebloem campus, Cape Town.

Contact:  0660868955

IG: moneylugwali

Bernice Miya

Bernice Miya who is South African, Zulu, and originally from KZN (Kwa-Zulu Natal), currently lives in the city of Cape Town. She has been living in the city for over 10 years, and as a visual artist she explores in various mediums in her artworks. These include oil, acrylic and water colour paint, to using charcoal, pen or pencil. Her work has variation when it comes to subject matter and style. She is still in the process of identifying a genre in her artwork that sets her apart from other artists and their work.

Her artwork will mostly influenced by realism and is also abstract with everyday man-made structures that are used with figures of unknown people or a person. Sometimes it’s a portrait of a well-known person or someone ordinary like a family member. When looking at her artwork it evokes a sense of mystery, she prefers providing the audience a platform to engage with her works as they analyse it to share what they think the subject matter is about. Through the affiliation with EAP (Emerging artists program) she has sold one of her abstract pieces at an exhibition, the art piece called ‘influences’ was also chosen to be exhibited at the Iziko Art Gallery in 2010 , before being exhibited and purchased in 2022.

Contact: 0828029123

IG: Bernicemiya

Bevan Blankenberg

Bevan Blankenberg (b.1999, Cape Town) is a South African artist who resides and produces work in Cape Town. Blankenberg interrogates the themes of labour, masculinity, memory, and violence through the materiality of sculpture. Through the transformative nature of wood, bronze and concrete, his projects hold a constant tension hostage. Blankenberg uses childhood memory and oral histories informed by his immediate environment as a conceptual point of departure. He seeks to create a dialogue with empathy and understanding by subverting symbology associated with childhood and underground culture.

Blankenberg graduated at the Michaelis School of Fine Art, UCT, where he majored in sculpture and won the Michaelis Prize and Simon Gerson Award in his final year. He teaches sculpture part-time at UCT and has participated in a handful of group shows.

Contact: 0845570081

IG: @blankenberg_studios

Cassian Robbertze

Cassian Robbertze is an emerging artist from Cape Town, South Africa, specialising in sculpture. During COVID Lockdown he expanded his sculpture knowledge to include less traditional mediums such as digital sculpture and 3d printing. In 2021, he completed his Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art at the University of Cape Town, under the supervision of Jane Alexander.

Before studying he worked as an assistant sculptor to Jean Doyle and as an Art Tutor at Rathkeale College in New Zealand. He has participated in various Art Fairs including CTAF2023 and a number of group shows including “Untitled 9.9” at 99Loop Street Gallery. In 2021 he took part in the ArtLabs mentorship program with Latitudes, with Dr Willie Bester as his mentor.

The Art Bank of South Africa has acquired a number of his artworks which are now on permanent display at the Oliewenhuis Museum in Bloemfontein. In 2023 he was selected by the Art Bank to be mentored by Niëll Jonker. Cassian grew up in Cape Town and continues to practice art at his studio in Salt River. Alongside his own practice, he is an assistant sculptor to Mary Sibande as well as a part time sculpture lecturer at UCT.

Contact:  0634744537

IG: casart22

Diana Tinkerbell 

Thursday, 7 September - Saturday, 9 September 2023 | The Labia

Hailing from Russia, Diana, also known as Sailor Tinkerbell, has mastered the arts of graffiti, graphic design, and DJing. Her journey led her from Europe and Asia to her current home in Cape Town as of 2022. The Cape Town Lancia Museum, ComicCon, WeLoveSummer Festival, Rollercade Park, CivAir Helicopters, Tiki Tomb, Red&Yellow School, Mojo Market, and Afrikaburn all proudly display her creative touch. Diana's portfolio is a testament to her versatility and skill, with each project showcasing her unique artistic perspective. Her work resonates across continents and events, reflecting a boundless imagination that continues to inspire audiences. As a dynamic force in the creative scene, Diana's contributions enrich the spaces she engages with, leaving an indelible mark on everything from museums to festivals.

Contact:  0633819825

IG: sailortinkerbell

Elizabeth Wood

Elizabeth Wood’s aim, through her art, is to draw attention to the rich biodiversity found in the fynbos plant kingdom, the smallest yet most diverse plant kingdom in the world, and the need for its conservation. She has developed a unique technique. She first creates ecoprints by boiling fynbos material sandwiched between water colour paper. The image of the plant transferred to the paper inspires the artwork. She uses these as a substrate for her fynbos paintings in mixed media using gouache, chalk pastel, pencil crayon and ink to create a layered effect. She also uses the ecoprints as collage in her landscape paintings of the Cape mountains. Elizabeth was born and works in Cape Town.

She has curated her own solo show, “Featuring Fynbos” in 2020 and has taken part in a collaborative exhibition with her art teacher Karin Morphew entitled “Resilient” in 2022.

Contact: 0833687382

IG: elizabethwoodartist

Eza Ngam 

Eza HELDER Ngam (b. 2003, Wedela, Gauteng) is a self-taught photographer who uses imagery, digital manipulation, poetry, and storytelling to explore contemporary issues such as healing, poverty,love, trauma, mental health, vulnerability, sin, and spirituality. His interest in art began at a young age,with drawing and writing being the first mediums to which he was introduced.

 During the 2020 Covid lockdown, he was especially drawn to photography. He channelled his boredom and insecurities into creation. He is currently based in Cape Town, where he is finishing his BSc Computer Science degree at the University of the Western Cape. With all of his tertiary experiences and having to be away from his family, his experiences are highly visible in his art. He continues to present stories that everybody can connect to in the hopes of enlightening and inspiring others. His art has been shown at AVA Art

Gallery, Yebo! Art Gallery in Swaziland, and in BONA magazine.

Contact: 0781656530

IG: @yourstruly.helder

Fazlin Hosain 

Fazlin Hoosain (b. 1987, South Africa) is a visual artist and interior designer based in Cape Town. In 2019, she explored a new dimension to her artistic expression by incorporating personalized works of art into her interior projects. This serendipitous reunion with her childhood passion has become an integral part of her artistic practice, fuelling her boundless creativity.

Fazlin’s artistic journey has always been deeply influenced by her surroundings. Through her textured abstract works, she forges new connections between space, aesthetics and the power of visual elements.

Her works are inspired by her background in interior design. With her art, she explores how space and colour can evoke a spectrum of emotions and feelings. With a keen eye for aesthetics and spatial planning, she creates interesting and thought-provoking compositions.

Fazlin’s art embraces experimentation, pushing the boundaries of traditional mediums and techniques by incorporating tactile materials such as plaster, fabric, cement, and marble. In 2020, she was selected as one of Design Indaba’s Emerging Creatives and in 2023 she took part in a group show at Art B Gallery.

Contact: 0849444732

IG: @fazlin_hoosain

Hari Lualhati

Hari Lualhati (b. 1985) is a full-time artist who is permanently based in Cape Town, South Africa. She finished her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts in University of the Philippines, year 2006 with honours. She prefers her artworks to be called as “SOULWORKS” because they are a direct connection to her soul. Her figurative subject being accompanied by animals and nature shows that we are all connected. Hari’s Soulworks harmoniously combine impressive realism with fine details, amazing expressionism with her techniques and symbolism that unfolds a story behind elements used. Her Soulworks are mirrors of golden life lessons, Aha Moments and realizations that the artist aims to preserve and share to others. Hari’s Soulworks have received numerous international awards and have been exhibited all over the world. These Soulworks are not only a delight to the eyes, but their messages also immediately connect to the heart and leave an unforgettable experience.

Contact: 0832503808

IG: @harilualhati

FB: Hari Lualhati

Kabelo Moraloki

Kabelo Moraloki a visual artist was born in 1988 in Pretoria, Township called Mamelodi, his first encounter with art was in primary school till to date. Kabelo is now based and practices in Cape Town. Moraloki specializes in painting portraiture and abstract art made with acrylics on canvas, new and recycled brown paper. His work is characterized by bold and bright colours, intricate patterns and Tetris blocks and shapes. Moraloki touches on issues of socioeconomics, healing, happiness and harmony in society. He aims to spark conversations, question perceptions and encourage the viewers to engage critically through his work. Kabelo wants to heal society, see it happy and living in harmony.

Contact:  0797173545

IG: Kabelomoraloki_art

Kaylin Moonsamy

Kaylin Moonsamy (b.1997, Durban, South Africa) is a Cape Town-based multidisciplinary artist. Moonsamy uses spirituality to comment on identity, postcolonial history and the Indian diaspora. The artist uses spices, traditional pigments, textiles, metals and egg tempera in his paintings which reference colonial trading and spiritual healing. The early years of Moonsamy's life (2000-2009) were spent in temples assisting priests during Hindu rituals. The nostalgic sentiments of various offerings to divinities comprising an array of colours, scents, sounds, textures and flavours had a lasting impact on the artist. Reminiscent of religious idols, figures are depicted with brass eyes. Moonsamy completed a degree in Fine Art at the University of Cape Town. He has exhibited work locally and internationally alongside established artists in leading galleries. Moonsamy was invited to exhibit his work at the Turbine Art Fair in 2021. The artist was a finalist of the Blessing Ngobeni Art Prize in 2023.

Contact: 0658946330

IG: @kaylin_moonsamy

Lindokuhle Skosana

Lindokuhle skosana, born in Pretoria, 1998, is a portrait painter and charcoal artist. Being young, black and male, he inherently occupies a position of being a victim and a perpetrator simultaneously, and this plight informs much of his artistry. He is a mosaic of the people, places and cultures he has absorbed in several cities he’s lived in, and this is evident in his artistic style that is expressive, far from elegant, and aims to make you stop and wonder. Through portraiture, he is able to pay homage to his filmmaking background with an obsession with composition and conveying interesting features of his subjects.

Contact: 0747651441

IG: @lindocanswim

Olwethu Singama

Olwethu Singama born 1993 from Langa township is a social development artivist photographer who learnt the skill in 2015 through a township film school called Project I.AM. He does his street photography in the depths of the townships where he captures how the individuals of the township are dealt with the worst living conditions but they always show dignity and pride in all they do with a smile and a level of content. In his journey as photographer, he has sold a minimum of 6 photographs locally and internationally Bridges For Music fundraisers to help the organization raise funds for the Bridges For Music Academy in Langa township to help young creatives from underserved communities find their calling in the creative space in this world. Recently he sold a photograph at the Amsterdam Dance Event that is also featured in the One and Only hotel magazines. He currently facilitate and applies his trade at the Bridges For Music Academy in Langa with other young creatives where he did his Music MBA in 2019.

Contact: 063 662 1871

IG: @simthembilesingama

Pieter Lübbe

Pieter Lübbe is a South African fine artist and poet currently based in Cape Town.

His work often conveys multiple layers of allegory, nuance and recurring themes such as identity, duality, extremity and time.

Pieter started exhibiting art in Pretoria and soon after he added a degree in Architecture and an English language qualification to his trade, he moved abroad and spent two years living and working in Prague, Czech Republic while honing his skills and continuing his craft through exhibitions and commissions.

Through his educational background in Architecture and Language, Pieter often pulls references from both these spheres – a process which has enabled him to blur the lines between concept-driven artistic expression and linguistic influences in the final artistic impression.

The work on display provides an insight into Pieter’s psyche, manifesting an interesting dichotomy between his colourful and expressive personality traits against a backdrop of melancholy and pathos, all evident in his work.

Contact: 0792664137

IG: @pieter.lubbe

Steady Chidawu

Steady Chidawu is a Zimbabwean born visual artist currently based in Cape Town. He is well known for his vibrant expressionism paintings that portray village life at large with an emphasis on how unfair the socio-economic structure is. Chidawu uses oils and acrylics in his work and having a strong rural background himself, he tells his stories on canvas, even today where women are still the primary breadwinners while men are left to roam about.

His paintings depict life and enthusiasm in order to demonstrate that, despite the injustice, women continue to embrace and celebrate the tradition. Chidawu uses bright colors and large brushes that result in noticeable powerful brushstrokes, bringing life to the paintings. His work is found in galleries and collected across the world. Chidawu typically starts and complete his paintings in one sitting. 

Contact: 0817027619

IG: @steadychidawu_art

Viviane Herzog

Viviane Herzog (b. 1990) is a visual artist and printmaker from Switzerland. Her paintings and installations emphasize the importance and value of human connections in a complex society without disregarding their harmful impact either. Having already focused on individuals and their life stories as a writer and editor, Herzog reflects deeply about the ambiguity in relationships and communities, which is now expressed in her artwork in a raw yet soft aesthetic and through mostly abstract forms. Currently living and working in Cape Town, South Africa, her work is shown in local exhibitions and galleries.

Contact: 0760642834

IG: @vivianeherzog

Yamkela Mandlevu

Yamkela Mandlevu, an 18-year-old visual artist hailing from Cape Town, has embraced charcoal as his primary medium to convey monochromatic art, focusing solely on black and white aesthetics. He centers his creations on preserving South African heritage, reflecting his deep-rooted connection to the culture.

Under the mentorship of Mr. Xolani Sivunda, Yamkela is a resident artist at Mfuleni's Open Heart Studio. His artistic journey started with television-inspired animations and later evolved to pencil portraits. Since joining the Open Heart Studio in 2022, he has ventured into charcoal artistry.

In November 2022, Yamkela's debut exhibition took place at the Open Heart Gallery, marking a significant milestone. His works have graced the Open Heart Gallery and YoungBlood Arts and Culture Development Pty, captivating art enthusiasts.

Notably, Yamkela's creative trajectory has flourished without formal training, as he navigates his artistic path alongside his grade 12 studies. This juxtaposition underscores his innate talent and dedication to crafting a narrative through his art.

Contact: 073 423 0716

IG: @yamza_m24

Yamkela Gaqa

Yamkela Gaqa B. 1996 is a Cape Town based Visual Artist. He works with oil paints on canvas using sombre palette of muted tones. Yamkela’s portray an independence of spiritual in the modern world, almost secret but peaceful, healing and spiritual. A connection between figures and nature and the ancestral spirits.

Yamkela spent his childhood traveling between Eastern Cape’s rural and the Cape Town’s Township. In 2011 he first enrolled in Art and Design subject at Isilimela high and Frank Joubert Art School . Right after he attended Cape Peninsula University of Technology and graduated with a National Diploma in visual Communication/ Graphic Design. In 2021 he donated paintings to Just Grade (N.P.O) fundraise. He worked for Cinga Samson as a drawing assistant under a fixed contract.

Contact: 0659013706

IG: @gaqa_creatives