Cape Town International Animation Festival

African animation continues to grow and shine on the global stage! The continent is filled with incredible storytellers, artists and creatives all with new and interesting stories to share. If you are one of those creatives then join us in 2023 at FAME Week Africa. There’s something for everyone including pitching competitions, screenings, studio focus and industry panels.


We proudly introduce the visionary behind our festival's captivating theme artwork: Sarah Swanepoel.

Sarah currently works at Bewilder and is the Designer at The Cape Town International Animation Festival.

She has worked for other studios such as Made by Radio, and We Are Batch. She also worked as the art director and an animator on her student film ‘ Mr & Mrs Mantis’ where they were awarded a gold loerie, and a gold at the New York Festivals.

Sarah portrays harsher imagery in a simplified and stylistic fashion to get her point across. She wants the audience to be captivated with the imagery but left with a strong message about our endangered species.

Our Theme artists’ vision becomes apparent as the trailer unfolds, blending the wonders of Cape Town's wildlife with the underlying sorrow of their endangerment. The delicate ecosystem and its residents are portrayed with both tenderness, and a touch of darkness, symbolising the looming threats and hardships they face.

The witchy and darker style of the artwork adds an ethereal and haunting quality, captivating the audience and driving home the urgency of the message.

The trailer leaves the audience both in awe of Cape Town's splendor and contemplative of the responsibility to protect its precious ecosystem. It is a celebration of the city's rich biodiversity while reminding us of the need to act as stewards of nature to preserve its wonders for generations to come.


Our festival trailer will be launched at Fame Week Africa. Sarah's directing and animating in it with the help of the stunning 2D artist, Kristin Prior. The trailer is titled ‘ A day in Cape Town ‘ Showing off the beauty and sadness of this lovely city. She loves to tell story’s that matter through thought provoking imagery. 

The trailer follows the beauty and sadness of this lovely city of Cape Town, from day to night

It centers on conservation and the fragile balance between the city's urban charm and the looming threats faced by its unique flora and fauna.